Hello, and welcome to Hitch Viking. You might be wondering, what the heck is this about? Hitch Viking is not a how-to travel blog or big city guide, but rather a collection stories, tips & trick and pictures that i have collected through the years on the road. The purpose is to inspire rather than to instruct, to encourage rather than to explain.

The main focus point of the blog is on Hitchhiking and the endless possibilities it brings along. Find inspiration on how, when and where to travel, good things to know and perhaps a hint or two from the locals.As i often travel spontaneous and spend a relatively short period of time at each location, you won’t find detailed guides on countries or cities. Instead you will see a more instant and authentic glimpse of the places i stumble upon and the people than i run into. Because for me, this is part of the fun: going on the road and seeing where life takes you.

So who is behind this? My name is Benjamin, I’m 24 years and recently finished a bachelor from Copenhagen Business School. For as long as i can remember i have loved to travel. From visiting Thailand as a two-year old to living a year in Brazil when i was 18, i have always felt comfortable away from what you may call home (Møn, Denmark). I started Hitchhiking (hitching) back in 2013 with my mate Christian, as we journeyed from Germany through Poland to end up in Czech Republic (Not Czechia) to a festival in Prag. That was the trip that got me hooked on hitching. Since than i have hitch hiked over 13 countries, traveled thousands of kilometers in the back of everything from smashed Hondas to the newest Lamborghinis.

Why Hitch?

Even though many of my travels have been solo, i have had the good fortune of traveling with some amazing people:

So what are you waiting for, get out there and enjoy!